Changing Lives

Connecting for Safety

Personal safety is a fundamental principle that favors or blocks urban prosperity. Both real and perceived safety affects relationships between citizens, businesses and authorities, reinforcing cooperative behavior that helps build trust, happiness and ultimately the livability of cities.
  • Influencers on city’s hiring of a new police chief in 2017.
  • Advocating to keep business here because they see change
  • Driving community revitalization efforts to provide more options for dining, arts, entertainment downtown to attract critical mass
  • Investment in affordable housing, revitalization of neighborhoods ridden with blight
  • Support of programs that provide safety ambassadors downtown such as Downtown Visions, (BPG has employed their own security to patrol the Market Street Corridor as well)
  • Championing workforce Development Initiatives to provide a pipeline to employment with livable wages


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Wilmington Fire Chief Mike Donohue

"A lot of our folks and people come from the immediate area. This area needs to be as strong as possible to support us as we continue to grow. That's our straight-up and clear interest in wanting to be a part of and live in a vibrant community."

– Rod Ward, CEO, CSC

Safety in Numbers

Wilmington Leaders Alliance and its members are advocates for a safer Wilmington. A safe City will come with living wage jobs, revitalization of blighted areas, re-use of vacant properties, increased homeownership and financial stability, and available housing that is affordable to workers of all income levels. A safe city attracts and retains businesses, residents and visitors.

A Safer Wilmington

Mayor Mike Purzycki and Chief of Police Robert J. Tracy have worked to provide weekly data-driven performance measurements for the Wilmington Police Department in 2018.

As the city of Wilmington works to improve public safety, the Mayor and Chief of Police would like to offer more statistical insights to the public. The below link showcases weekly performance measurements which indicate crime reporting, statistical analysis, and information-sharing as central components of modern-day policing.

This methodology, which has been used by the New York Police Department since 1994; allows the police department to track data in near real-time, providing the department greater levels of accountability, focus, and follow-up, while creating transparency between the public and City government.

Use this link to access the latest weekly report and link to WLA site:


Impact & Innovation

Wilmington Sees Significant Decrease In Crime

January 18, 2019
“Our state can’t be successful if the City of Wilmington is not successful.”   Governor John Carney frequently reminds others how vital Wilmington’s success is to the entirety of the state. So what would make Wilmington successful? For WLA members, it is the focus on Economic Development, Education, Leadership, and Livability. While we often share...

It Takes One Year To Change- YearUp Wilmington’s Success

January 15, 2019
125. That is the number of students enrolled at YearUp Wilmington currently, which is hosted by WLA member, Wilmington University. Providing year-long programs focusing on IT and business, Year Up changes the lives of students through six months of courses and an additional six months of a paid internship.   YearUp The program is free...

WLA Members Come Together To Support IT Works Fall Semester Graduates

January 04, 2019
When you first walk into WLA Member Christiana Care‘s Wilmington location, you don’t expect balloons and lines of people waiting to watch their kids graduate. On the morning of Thursday, December 20th however that’s exactly what happened, as the hospital hosted TechImpact’s ITWorks Wilmington graduation ceremony.   ITWorks: An Overview This workforce development initiative is a...

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