Opportunity For Wilmington Businesses To Give Back Locally and Globally

High school students in Wilmington get a lot of opportunities presented to them if they know where to look. One such program is University of Delaware’s international entrepreneurship competition, the Diamond Challenge.


The Challenge

Unlike many entrepreneurial challenges, the Diamond Challenge focuses on student’s creativity, self-determination, and promoting purposeful entrepreneurial action. There is no set theme so long as the idea is feasible and understandable. The competition offers over $100,000 in prizes for competitors.


What Can You Do To Help?

The Diamond Challenge, the premier global high school entrepreneurship competition run by the University of Delaware Horn Entrepreneurship, is seeking volunteer virtual judges. Judges (all from your home/office) evaluate, analyze, and provide feedback to participants during a 2-week period in January. This is a fantastic opportunity to give back to the next generation of entrepreneurs and support their growth. Sign up here!

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