WLA Member TAPP Network Collaborating With GIFT Global To Promote Delaware Changing Lives Initiative

WLA member TAPP Network recently announced their collaboration with GIFT Global and their coalition, Delaware Changing Lives. This initiative was designed to help make mindful practices easily accessible to Delawareans. Along with a website and social media campaign, TAPP is supporting a live event at Kingswood Community Center. Joining the company and international nonprofit are Governor Carney, Senator Coons, Senator Carper, and Lieutenant Governor Bethany Hall-Long.

More About Delaware Changing Lives

For many, being mindful is an everyday practice, and can have a positive impact on individuals whether they are suffering from stress, anxiety, and depression or simply are feeling overwhelmed. It is a learned skill that can help set people of any age up for success in their personal and business life. Through this collaboration of TAPP Network and Gift Global, Delaware will be leading the charge in bringing mindfulness to the community.

Delaware Changing Lives is a coalition created by GIFT to serve as a model for social innovation and change utilizing mindfulness technologies. They do this by training professionals on how to reduce their stress and burnout levels, and then share mindfulness with the people that they serve. For now, the organization is focused on delivering this training to professionals in schools, mental health providers/agencies, veterans, and non-profit agencies.

What’s going on at KCC?

On April 29th head to Kingswood Community Center to celebrate Delaware’s success in trauma recovery, education on emotional management, positive expression of feelings and goals, along with showing empathy for others through action and conversation (also known as Social- Emotional Learning).

This event has learning opportunities ranging from learning about mindfulness in higher education and in the nonprofit sector to a behavior health consortium and the launch of Delaware Changing Lives’ website.

Delaware Changing Lives Celebration Graphic

Event Info

You’re invited! See below for more information on the event

When: April 29th, 2019

Where: Kingswood Community Center, 2300 Bowers Street, Wilmington, DE 19802

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