Uber Introduces New Program to Wilmington’s Tech Education Sector

Ride-sharing giant Uber on Tuesday announced the expansion of its 8-80 Coding Initiative to Wilmington. The program supports technology and computer science education for kids and adults ages 8 through 80.

“As a tech company, we want to help develop a pipeline of talent who can enter the workforce,” said Uber Spokesperson Danielle Filson. “Our expansion to Wilmington will help to build a future that is more diverse and inclusive throughout the region.”

Local Support

In partnership with Uber, regional nonprofits Coded by KidsTechGirlz and The Item first launched the initiative in October 2017.

Coded by Kids will support the program locally at the Kingswood Community Center in the Riverside neighborhood of Wilmington. The 8-80 Coding Initiative provides a support role with donations and mentorships to enhance the current once-a-week program.

“We expanded into Wilmington in 2017 because students here are also lacking access to high-quality tech education,” said Sylvester Mobley, CEO of Coded by Kids. “We’re extremely appreciative that Uber has extended its support of us to this new market, and with their help we will continue to grow our presence in Delaware.”

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What it Means for Wilmington

For Wilmington, the tech education space has grown tremendously in the last couple of years. With coding camps and workforce education programs popping up by the dozen, it’s no surprise that Uber wanted to make its claim to Wilmington as well. This larger-brand expansion really shows how far Wilmington’s tech education sector has come and marks a large space for it on the map. For those looking to take part in this new program, there is a lot of opportunity with the “8-80” model that Uber is introducing. With Wilmington’s vast diverse population, it is the perfect place to set up camp and change the tech sector environment to become more diverse.

The Wilmington Leaders Alliance takes education and growth very seriously. As one of our four core areas, we believe that “High-quality education helps create quality cities by developing skills required for the best-paying and fastest-growing jobs, attracting and retaining families and residents and encouraging an engaged citizenry.” Taking the measures to enhance the education of our cities’ youth will ensure the growth and prosperity of this great city.

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