WLA Program Partner Generation Wins 2018 WISE Award

WLA partner Generation has won the 2018 WISE award for their innovative and impactful solutions on youth unemployment around the world. Generation is one of six organizations to win the award out over 400 organizations that were nominated.


In four years of existence, the non-profit has success graduating 22,541 students, 55% being female. Generation operates in 9 countries with 91 cities and 228 cities.


Summarized from the article “Generation receives 2018 WISE Award for innovation in youth employment” from McKinsey&Company.


When Generation CEO and president Mona Mourshed accepted the 2018 WISE award, it marked a milestone in the brief history of Generation, an independent not for profit launched by McKinsey in 2014. Every year, the WISE awards recognize six projects that provide innovative solutions to pressing education challenges around the world, from youth unemployment to the refugee crisis to entrepreneurship in disadvantaged communities.


Today, more than 75 million young adults are out of work globally, and three times as many are underemployed. At the same time, 40 percent of employers say a skills shortage is leaving them with entry-level vacancies.


Generation has the dual mission to empower young people to build thriving, sustainable careers and to provide employers with the highly skilled, motivated talent they need. Generation is a demand-driven program, meaning that the team focuses on identifying employers who need talent and are having difficulty finding it and that it prepares a qualified supply of trained graduates. In its first 3 years, Generation has worked with thousands of employer partners and has launched careers for more than 22,000 young adults across the world.


With the help of innovations like new ROI tools to measure the cost per hire, and the validation of the WISE award, Generation is well poised to continue to grow—with plans to soon expand to five new countries.

Join Generation in its mission to enable jobs for every young person, anywhere in the world. Visit www.generation.org and follow Generation on LinkedIn.

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