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“I really admire WLA’s mission to make Wilmington one of the most vibrant small cities in America. Why not us? The opportunity is right now for Wilmington to take that role. I think that’s very vital to the growth of the city.” - Tom McGivney, CEO, Aloysius, Butler & Clark.

"Wilmington is our home. We were founded here more than 40 years ago and we’re committed to being here for the next 40 or beyond. We have a lot of clients right up the street, clients around the corner, and friends everywhere we go. It’s great. In fact, we moved offices five times in those 40 years and every office has been in Wilmington." -Tom McGivney, CEO, Aloysius, Butler & Clark.

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Why We Lead

We work with clients in all industries and verticals. The one universal truth we’ve found is that no two clients are alike. That’s why our conference rooms have big tables—so we can bring people from every discipline into the conversation. The right solution could be a social strategy, a PR angle or a new web platform. But we’ll never know unless those people are in the room.

Our Mission

We combine research, creative and technology to move people. To make a purchase, take an action or change a behavior. It’s a process we call Creative Intelligence. It’s more than left-brain and right-brain thinking. It’s ensuring our work—will work. We think strategically. We work collaboratively. We use technology as a tool, not a crutch. And most importantly, we love what we do and the partners we work with.

Economic Development

This city very much has always been a nine to five city. So, to see buildings and apartments, and condos going up, it’s exciting. We’re trying to pull people to go out for more than just eating and working. We want people living, we want people having fun here. We are starting to see that change. We’ve seen The Riverfront come alive, and people there are living and thriving, and we’re starting to see it organically come up Market Street, and make this shift over.

We’ve seen a lot of change in Wilmington even in just the last year. Some of our employees weren’t very familiar with Wilmington prior to starting work at AB&C. Now that they’re here they say things like, “Oh, yes, I know a restaurant that I can go to for lunch” or “I know where I can go out after work.” So we’re doing a great job of getting that change happening a little bit faster than maybe it had been in the past.


There’s an increase in individuals who are seeking Wilmington out. It’s coming at a time when the residential community has expanded in terms of the different living options that are available. We see what’s happening with the Riverfront. It’s just a very exciting time when we’re going to see a major shift.

Safety and Livability

In terms of social media, people are sharing the picture of the mural on their walls. It makes you feel a little bit safer walking there. It helps and it has an ability that people may not realize. Yes, people walk it but then what if they share that walk? And then we see it and say, “Hey, I want to take that walk too.” It makes us feel like it’s a little more approachable and a safer place that we can be.

We’re close to a lot of different things and we’re in a pretty young office for the most part too. We have all different people. We go out together after work and we all feel comfortable here and the more that things are being built up and new things like the new brewery type event, we feel more encouraged about the community and a lot safer knowing that all these things are coming and we’re encouraged to be out there walking around and enjoying what Wilmington has to offer.

To feel like people can walk. Not just ninth street, but maybe eighth street, down to market, where you’re seeing restaurants and eateries pop up. We’re feeling that there now, and wondering how we can drive that, how can we help bring that all the way down to Washington and further.


It’s always a really positive push for our marketing department to get our emails that say, “Hey guys, we’re working on this site. Any input. Do you know any DCAD students? Can we talk to people that might have testimonials?”


As a member of WLA, we’re really involved, and we’re really committed to seeing this city change. Especially with the leadership here at AB&C. They’re very encouraging and people are volunteering out in the community, taking advantage of any new opportunity where we could gain a new skill or learn more about anything at all. They always want to see that from us. Working here and having that support behind us is really encouraging us to get out there in the community.

Paul Pomeroy, Linda Shopa, Steve Merino on our creative end and Tom McGivney speak very well to what the agency has always been built on, and what we hope it will continue to be for Wilmington and beyond, which is what our focus is. Every challenge offers an opportunity to address it with a creative solution. Every solution needs to be backed with some sort of intelligence.

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