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"We want to create an environment where all of us -- and that includes employees, our customers and the community which we are in, which is key, are better off tomorrow than they are today.” – Rod Ward, CEO CSC

"We are all part of Wilmington, we are all part of Delaware and we want that vibrant ecosystem."

– Rod Ward, CEO CSC

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Why We Lead

CSC invests in their employees. “We believe in programs like Leadership Delaware. This allows employees to grow and expand the community, and to get involved in the community as well. This is one example of a meaningful and robust program that makes an impact. The alumni received great training, and in return CSC has gained better leaders who have gone on to grow with community to be successful at CSC and in Delaware, so it's a really nice balance.” – Scott Malfitano, Vice President, CSC

Our Mission

CSC was founded in Wilmington in 1899. CSC has been in business here for 119 years, and Wilmington has always been sort of the headquarters and where CSC has focused their attention and time. As they have continued to grow, CSC has grown with the State. A lot of CSC’s business is related to the legal services business as part of Delaware. In the same way that Delaware is well-known outside of its state borders as the place where a lot of companies are incorporated. That's a big part of CSC’s business; working with the state and growing with the state. This is one of the main reasons that CSC has chosen to be headquartered in Delaware and the reason CSC has taken action and concern in how Delaware grows and how Wilmington grows.

CSC Vice President, Scott Malfitano discusses the value of WLA

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New CSC Headquarters are Sure to Wow

CSC might not be a household name to the same extent as DuPont, but its impact on the First State is just as significant. Delaware’s current General Corporation Law, basically the legislative framework that has made the state a corporate destination since 1899, was drafted by Wilmington attorney Josiah P. Marvel. Just a few years earlier, New Jersey passed the most competitive incorporation laws in the nation, so other states scrambled to do the...

Economic Development

The Future of Wilmington

Wilmington is the economic hub of Delaware. The city has tremendous opportunity but has lacked the courage necessary to compete regionally. The state can be put back on the regional and national landscape as a place to conduct business if these key pieces can work in unison:

  • The Mayor
  • The WLA
  • The current and future State Chamber President
  • Delaware Prosperity Partnership

CSC believes in working with State Chamber to advance initiatives that can affect the state. I.E. the Port of Wilmington, the Coastal Zone act, and also placing an emphasis on marketing Wilmington as a safe place to work, to dine in and to shop. CSC believes Wilmington could also be the cleanest city in the region if the right efforts are contributed.


One of the significant investments CSC has made is establishing our global headquarters right here in Wilmington. We could have gone elsewhere.


Leadership starts internally for CSC as a people company. Pride of it’s people at the foundation. “One of our greatest strengths is our customer service, and we’ve actually turned it into a competitive advantage in many of our markets.” says CEO Rod Ward. With CSC’s business being transformed by technology, at the core, they’ve continued being a people business. This means that leadership is a critical component to success.

Developing homegrown leadership is part of the CSC philosophy, it’s called 70:20:10. 10% of leadership development will come from specific kinds of training courses. 20% will come from working with a mentor on developing specific skills, while 70% of leadership development will come from experiences gained in the workforce and community. Thanks to significant programs such as Leadership Delaware, many employees graduate and come back to CSC as better leaders, who continue to grow with the community.

From providing volunteers to holding board positions, CSC itself supports more than 100 nonprofits in Delaware and around the world, including:

A lot of our leadership is home grown.


CSC CEO Rod Ward has personally been involved in education as a key focus in Wilmington’s growth. This is something he is passionate about. Rod sits on the board of Rodel Foundation, what the Rodel Foundation has invested into this community is remarkable.

Wilmington faces challenges in certain areas of education, and there’s a lot of work that needs to be done in order to improve education in certain areas. However, Wilmington is growing and there are measurable results to be seen; whether graduation rates, or the implementation of programs such as The Pathways Program. The biggest missing piece to educational growth, are the people who can get involved.

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