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"Through cross-sector partnerships among nonprofits, government, and fellow business leaders, Tapp is dedicated to propelling Wilmington’s thriving economic growth on a global stage through innovative marketing and technology."

– Joe Digiovanni, Chief Ideation Officer, Tapp Network

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Why We Lead

Tapp Network believes strongly in helping to educate, empower, and connect nonprofits through the inbound marketing methodology. A large focus of nonprofit leadership in Wilmington has blossomed through the growth in this methodology. Tapp offers an array of digital and inbound marketing services to nonprofits all over the city. These services help to educate and create opportunities and connections for Wilmington nonprofits like the Boys and Girls Clubs of Delaware, and Tech Impact with it’s affiliated workforce development programs such as ITWorks and CXWorks.

Our Mission

Tapp Network is a mission-driven marketing technology agency that collaborates with our clients to accelerate their growth and impact so that they can achieve their visions for good.Based in Delaware, Tapp Network was co-founded by marketing and technology entrepreneurs Joe DiGiovanni and Kyle Barkins. After years of experience in these converging industries, Joe and Kyle discovered that Nonprofits and Mission-Driven Enterprises needed a powerful tool to amplify their voices through marketing and technology. Thus, Tapp was created to leverage technology and content to educate audiences, foster healthy brand engagement, and promote positive behavior change, while generating measurable results. By tapping into these converging market forces, Tapp has continued to set the bar in helping nonprofits and mission-driven enterprises solve their unique problems through integrated digital marketing solutions, websites, and applications.

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ZipCode Wilmington Proudly Boasts a 92% Placement Rate for New Grads

As of Zip Code’s April 2017 graduating class, 92% of graduates have accepted paid technical roles within 3 months of graduating. Much of that placement success results from ZipCode’s close partnerships with the businesses that hire their...


Tapp Network believes strongly in helping to educate, empower, and connect nonprofits through the inbound marketing methodology. A large focus of nonprofit leadership in Wilmington has blossomed through the growth in this methodology. Tapp Network hosts monthly socials that further allow for the opportunity to connect, network and become educated on inbound and digital marketing best practices.

Our monthly Tapp Social events enable us to provide free educational workshops for nonprofits. We want people to teach, learn & network for the betterment of themselves & the community.


Our commitment is to our community. A major focus for Tapp Network is helping to support educational programs and initiatives. Tapp Network often times helps with disseminating information regarding workforce development programs within the city. As a network of resources and information, Tapp is able to draw people towards educational initiatives not only as students but often times as donors as well.

Other Educational Initiatives that Tapp Network supports:

The intended goal is to create an atmosphere in wilmington of growth and learning. With all of these great educational initiatives will come a generation that’s prepared to create an innovative and distinct technological hub out of Wilmington.

Economic Development

Economic growth and development is key for the expansion and maturation of the city. With more and more businesses choosing to move to or start their endeavors in Wilmington, workspaces such as 1313 Innovation and the Mill Space have worked to make sure all are welcome and accommodated in this great city. Our organization works hard to promote the co-working spaces like it where all sectors can work collaboratively alongside each other to innovate and create the organizations of tomorrow.

Safety and Livability

Safety is a key core area that must be addressed in order for the City to move forward. It is vital to change the psychology of the city if this is to occur in any way shape or form. With many positive news sources springing up to begin to affect that change, our organization is involved in many local initiatives including #WilmToday, the City of Wilmington, and even health care initiatives aimed at reducing health risks in the city such as the Delaware Center for Health Innovation.

Recent Posts

Generation Pre-Apprentice Construction Course featured on 6 ABC

August 16, 2019
On July 17th, students in the Generation and ABC of Delaware Pre-Apprentice Construction program had an opportunity to experience their very own “Journey Day.” Thanks to the partnership with Williamson College of the Trades, students gained insight on the various trades in the construction industry and learned about the benefits of working in construction. The...

Wilmington Leaders Alliance Announces Partnership with Wilmington Renaissance Corp to Create the Wilmington Alliance

August 06, 2019
In June of 2019, at the Board of Directors meeting, the leadership of the Wilmington Leaders Alliance (WLA) approved a motion to partner with the Wilmington Renaissance Corporation (WRC) to create the Wilmington Alliance. A New Strategy for Ongoing Goals The newly created Wilmington Alliance will work with the business community and local nonprofits in...

Youth Opportunity Fair to Feature Workforce Development Programs.

July 29, 2019
The City of Wilmington will be holding a youth opportunity fair on July 30th. Many local companies and organizations will be participating including Wilmington Leaders Alliance partner, Generation USA.    At the fair, there will be 2-3 vendors per classroom with some organizations conducting on-site interviews. There will also be a quiet space available for...

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